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Needs to be fixed

Won’t upload my videos, and when I try to upload a picture it shows a white screen. Veryyyyy Disappointing


My favorite app of the season!!!!!!!! Thanks for designing it!

Disappointment ☹️

This app was great while it lasted. I got a few uses out of it and now when I select photos I just get a blank screen. I even deleted the app and re-downloaded it, still getting the same useless result.

Fix please

I bought this app then used it once and now all it does is brings up a white screen like the picture I chose was just white. I deleted and reinstalled and still the same. Other people have this problem also. I don’t understand why it’s under new apps we love but I’d love it if you fixed it.

Freeze issues

I was so excited when I found this app! It worked twice then stopped. When in process it freezes or it will just sign out when I choose the video or photo I want to use. The two photos I was able to enhance look great but I’ve spent too much time trying to get this app to work properly and it’s frustrating! If it worked it would be great!

a problem

its pretty great but when i try to upload my own photos to app the effects all that comes up is a white screen. sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. its pretty annoying

Love this app BUT

I noticed that only photos from my camera roll or certain apps will work with this app. When I save a picture from PicsArt, I can’t use it with this app because it gives you a white screen! Please fix!!! Thank you


love this app!!!

Fix the problem !!

Can you please fix the app, it never opens the latest photo !!!

Worth It..don’t download the Brillar App

I downloaded the Brillar App (the free one) to test it out before purchasing KiraKira+. The KiraKira+ app has about 12 sparkle settings and a bar to adjust the shine. The Brillar App ONLY has 1 setting and 3 levels of sparkle. Even the lowest setting looks overly sparkly and fake. The sparkles are too big and look almost cartoonish. It might be better if you’re using it in a larger item, I used it on a bedazzled makeup brush. Overall, if you’re debating, JUST BUY KIRAKIRA+ it’s totally worth more than the $ me.

White screen

I’ve tried to delete this app and reinstall but it’s just a white screen just get SNOW it’s free and it has the same effects 🤷🏻‍♀️

Its not working!

When i choose a picture from the album it just shows a white picture on it like it doesn’t show the picture i chose. I was so excited to use this app☹️can u guyz fix it please?

Great app (when it works)

No matter how many bug fix updates, the front face camera always fails... it’ll work 10% of the time... and never when I actually need it.


None of the buttons on the app work 🙄

Zero Stars

Bugs still there.

Awesome....when it works

App is great, can be used to create some beautiful images. However, it crashes ALL the time. Hopefully the kinks get ironed out soon.


Cool app, the only problems I face is that after a few days of having it you can’t upload your own pictures anymore. If you want a to use a picture from your camera roll it won’t show them it shows a white screen

So many bugs

Have to reinstall almost every time I want to use this app - crashes or won’t load photos very annoying


It keeps crashing. I paid for this app. It needs to work at ALL times!

Not working

My app isn’t letting me tap on anything and it’s not doing this on any other app i have. It won’t let me click on any options given to me. I have deleted the app multiple times and then tried again and hasn’t worked. I also have gotten out of the app and gone back on and it hasn’t worked. I am mad because i paid a dollar and nothing is working and i was looking forward to the app.


Keeps freezing won't save photo. I can't crest a Kirakiragraph with an old photo. It freezes, pleas fix and update.

Great app need help tho

I love this app!!! I just need help uploading photos from my camera roll and editing them. It shows up as a white screen.

it's nice but has some problems..

first,, there's a green line buttom of the glittering moving picture.. second, wanna put glitters where i want!

love it

i love the app

Lots of fun

I love everything sparkly and this app doesn’t disappoint! It’s especially nice to showcase holiday decor, it’s gives your posts some pizazz!

white blank screen

i payed 1 dollar for this app as everyone has been raving about it on instagram and i was so excited to use it only to find that i cannot see any pictures i upload to the app because it just turns blank and white. please fix this.

Great App But Doesn’t Allow Music to Play Simultaneously

This is a wonderful app but it doesn’t allow you to play music from apps like Apple Music or Spotify at the same time which is a huge flaw. Please fix!

I like it but

Needs to allow MUSIC to PLAY while taking a video. Other than that i love it!

New updated is awful

Loved the app before the recent update. Now anytime I upload a photo to edit it just gives me a blank white screen and the picture never comes up so I can’t even use it. Videos work fine but pictures will not upload as the screen just turns white. Sad I updated the app.


This app is a great one but it’s constantly crashing, what was the point of paying .99 just for it to crash on my 7+?

Doesn’t even work

I paid money and this app doesn’t even work. Like at all. Just a white screen. I’ve restarted it multiple times. Waste of money

Absolutely Love It!!!

I use this app whenever I can! So beautiful at adding a sparkle to your video/picture, different filters and has the option of allowing your videos to be heard.

few glitches

makes my pictures and videos absolutely stunning, but it’s a bit glitchy

Best app ever!!!

Obsessed! Life changing! Sparkle is EVERYTHING

Camera won’t work 🤒

I love everything about this, BUT the camera won’t let me upload images to add the designs.


Trying to upload photo from album, still crashes: even after I updated it:

Love this app!

I love everything about this app, but can we please have an update where we can record while playing music plz!!

Not happy ...

Paid for this app and keeps kicking me out of the app fix this issue please

Definitely what u want!

Does exactly what you expect it to do with all the sparkles and stuff. Works great on photos and videos. But when uploaded to social media quality is definitely not the same. Videos upload blurry for my viewers ☹️



I love it!

My new app that is a must have in my phone! I love the sparkles and that I can adjust the intensity. Also I can edit my existing videos which is awesome. My Instagram is going to have lots of sparkles soon! Definitely worth the $ and Hype. Woohoo I’m happy.

Is this thing on?

I’ve still yet to get it to work. I adore the idea but the app has crashed every time I open it. Despite resetting my phone, deleting and redownloading the app, no luck. Let me know when this app is a real thing!


It won’t let me edit any photos unless they are live right that second, and crashes over and over and over. Waste of money :-(

Doesn’t work

Just paid for and downloaded this app. It doesn’t allow me to operate it at all. The app crashes as soon as you open it.


I just bought this app but It won't save the videos I edit. Only works for pictures which is very disappointing.

It’s ok

Does it freeze up for anyone else when you switch to camera mode? Blurred screen and nothing works


Would be 5 stars if the app didn’t crash at least 50% of the time that I tried to open a photo from my gallery and if you could select to erase areas of the effect off of photos

It is not working on my IPhone X!

Please fix in for IPhone X

A bug?

I’m not able to add effects to my photos for some reason. As soon as i open picture within the KiraKira app it just shuts down. Saddening

Great, but crashes.

I love the kirakira app but whenever I input a picture from my album the whole app crashes. If that’s fixed I would give it 5 stars!

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